Advanced Medical Supply offers post-mastectomy services by experienced certified fitters who are friendly, sensitive, and helpful. We are also certified to fit and fabricate lymphedema sleeves for lymphedema.

Following breast surgery, there are several ways to restore appearance. About 80% of the women today opt for the non-surgical alternative, an external breast prosthesis (or form). Advanced Medical Supply, Inc. not only has an array of breast forms to accommodate all types of surgeries, but we will also assist you in the decision making process.

A breast prosthesis is worn either inside a bra or attached to the body. Its purpose is to simulate weight, movement, feel, and especially the shape of the natural breast. All of these are very important to help maintain a woman's posture and balance.

Along with the various styles and shapes of breast prostheses, Advanced Medical Supply, Inc. also offers several designs of post-mastectomy bras and swim wear. Our fitters will offer pre-surgery, and in-hospital consultations by appointment. Our facility is listed with the Reach to Recovery and offers billing services for Medicare, Medicaid, and most insurance carriers.

Breast forms, mastectomy bras, and more!

Every woman is different, which is why Amoena offers a wide range of breast forms. Each breast form is tailored to the body, individual circumstances, and lifestyle of every woman who has had breast surgery. 

Amoena breast forms are also available in a light version.

Amoena Contact

Feels like a part of you.

Adheres directly to the skin so that there is no slipping or movement, weight is distributed more evenly. Best suited to women with active lifestyles and/or back problems.

Amoena Climate

Comfortable temperature all of the time.

Women can experience a whole new level of comfort. Helps women to stay fresh and comfortable all day.

Amoena Natura

Natural look and movement.

Provides a natural silhouette and creates a remarkable soft cup.

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