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Advanced Medical Supply, Inc., dedicated to continually striving to be at the forefront of providing Orthotics & Prostheticsorthotic intervention, offers extensive and comprehensive patient care to those in need of our expertise.

Using a multidisciplinary approach, an orthotist can work closely with the physician, therapist, and patient to gather and integrate information necessary to solve the complex problems of patients with biomechanical deficits or pathologies. extensive and comprehensive patient care to those in need of our expertise. Our comprehensive care, experience, and extensive resources result in an appropriate orthotic response. At Advanced Medical Supply, each patient coming to our facility is unique and requires special and specific needs. Evaluation by a board certified ABC licensed practitioner ensures the highest standards of excellence.

It is our ultimate goal to utilize orthotics to enhance the patient's quality of life by improving their functional status in the home and community.

Our Inventory Includes :

Back & Torso

  • Lumbar-Sacral Corsets
  • Custom Molded Orthosis
  • Chairback Brace
  • HyperExtension Brace/Jewett
  • Williams-Flexion Brace
  • Rib Belts / Abdominal Binders
  • Pelvic Traction Units
  • Lumbar Cushions

Upper Extremity

  • Slings, Sling & Swath
  • Clavicle Brace
  • Acromioclavicular Splint
  • Elbow Strap, Elbow Sleeves
  • Elbow Pads
  • Cock Up Wrist Splints
  • Wrist Splint with Abduction Thumb

Pain Management

  • TENS Units
  • Electrodes & Batteries


  • Soft Cervical Collars
  • Philadelphia Collars
  • Thomas Collars
  • Miami-J-Collors
  • Electric Moist Heating Pads
  • Cervical Traction Units
  • Cervical Pillows

Lower Extremity

  • Patella Supports
  • Hinged Knee Braces
  • Knee Sleeves
  • Swede-O-Ankle Supports
  • Knee Immobilizers
  • AirCast / GelCast
  • Visco Elastic Heel Inserts
  • Tulles Heel Cups
  • Diabetic Shoes & Socks
  • Post Operative / Cast Shoes
  • Osgood-Schlatter Sleeves
  • Custom Molded AFO's
  • Spenco Foot Care Products
  • Walking Boots

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